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Looking Under the Hood for New Legislative Changes in Student Loans

If you are preparing hard to pursue your dream education and obtain the most awaited degree from one of the reputed colleges in the country this year, then you are in for surprise only if you have built your dreams to secure your degree by obtaining Student Loans. With important changes in existing legislation, regarding student loans and these changes being implemented from the start of 2012 academic year students will surely find solace in unsustainable loan payments in future. However, these changes will be implemented in two different parts

Pay As You Earn

Pay as You Earn is a scheme beneficial for the recently passed out students and under this proposal, these recent graduates can make payments towards their student loans as part of their earnings. The recent legislature states that students need to pay a maximum of 15 % out of their disposal income as a repayment for the student loans. However, under the new legislature reform this percentage is brought down to 10%. In addition, now students have the option to make their payments within 20 years instead of the current 25 years term.

Consolidation of Loans

Due to this happening, students who have borrowed Student Loans from multiple companies will be benefited to consolidate all loans amounts and repay all in one monthly installment. Often it becomes difficult to keep track of the different loan records and people forget who owes what and maintaining such static balance and creating multiple automatic payments is very critical task therefore this change is welcoming for many reasons. Well this is not all under these proposal borrowers having different government sponsored loans on their name get an opportunity to consolidate them all and receive an overall reduction of 0.5% in interest rate.

Drawbacks of the new legislature

When you hear a happy not at one point always be prepared for the next song with a sad note. It is true for this new change in law as not everyone is benefited especially the graduate and professional students, as they ought to lose their subsidized Stafford loans. This will lead to not getting a chance for them to accumulate the interest when they are in school.

The most critical element of these changes will be seen after 1 July 2012 when Stafford loans will be eliminated to make way for the Pell Grant Program that is said to be still in more than $ 18 billion in debts. When asked to clarify about this unexpected change proponents of this changing legislature said that many of the graduate students are now in workforce and have sustainable ability to adjust the yearly interest rate that comes around $ 600 per year of payments while in school.

Under these changes, again the rebate and origination fees on Stafford loans will be eliminated. One other change that will be seen in this new proposal is reduction in the electronic interest rate for students who set up automatic withdraw of their student loan payments.

However politics has taken its toll on these major changes when the country is trying hard to shore up the Nation’s balance sheet students should feel excited about the reduction in payment rather than being angry for the elimination of relatively small benefits.

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